LaunchING early 2021

A route to net zero European aviation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented crisis, resulting in the collapse of air connectivity and putting the future of the entire aviation ecosystem at risk – with far-reaching consequences for tourism and countless businesses and citizens across Europe. European aviation is among the sectors hit the hardest by the pandemic, globally. It is also the sector which faces far greater challenges when it comes to climate change – and its ability to decarbonise.

The current crisis is an opportunity to build back better by reducing carbon emissions from flying in the most cost-efficient way. This is even more important as COVID-19 has shown that early action is critical to address a looming crisis — and delays can have a significant human and economic cost. Delaying or reducing the rate at which emission reductions are made today is not an option as it will require more ambitious cuts in the future.

The latest scientific findings as revealed in the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5° requires the aviation ecosystem to step up its action. Further to the sector’s existing long-term goals, European aviation has been exploring ways to achieve accelerated decarbonisation. Success will require industry and the EU Institutions to work in partnership.

The findings of this research will be published in the form of a cross-sector climate initiative called Destination 2050 – with a launch in early 2021. Stay tuned as Europe prepares for take-off towards sustainable aviation of the future…

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